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Heavy Beat Small Band

Looking for something a little lighter?

As graduates from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire's esteemed Bmus Jazz course Heavy Beat are well versed in the rich history and culture of Jazz music.

From Louis Armstrong, to Miles Davis, to John Coltrane and Wynton Marsallis, each member of  Heavy Beat take inspiration from the giants of the genre and strive to perform high quality improvised music

As the Heavy Beat Small Band we perform a more Jazz and improvisation focused version of our style of New Orleans brass band music. Perfect for light afternoon entertainment, Jazz clubs and smaller intimate venues.

Stripped down to as little as a four piece band with the addition of a chordal instrument (Guitar or Piano) this line up allows us to stretch our legs on some Jazz repertoire and feature some of the talented improvisers we have in our band. 

It might be a small band, but it can still get Heavy!

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