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Finding Inspiration At Every Turn

We are always on the look-out for exciting new projects to work on and artists to work with. The Heavy Beat Horn section make for a tight, punchy and high level horn section available for features and recordings.

Here is a look at some of the projects we have taken part in.


Steve Carey - Runnin After You

Steve recorded a demo of his track "Runnin After You" at Sansom Studios in Hollywood (Birmingham)

After mentioning he wanted to give it a New Orleans feel the guys at the studio knew exactly who to call.

We took Steve's hopelessly romantic love song and took it for a walk down Bourbon Street to give it the New Orleans feel he was looking for.

Horns arranged and recorded on Electric Swing Circus Album Pleasure Seekers

Horns written, arranged and recorded on Big Band Of Boom Singles - Big Bad Voodo & Behind The 8 Ball

Wasteman - Ninjula Remix

Horns on Tom ESC  

Thrill Ride

Le Bleury - Gorillabot

Keeping up to speed with advancing technology we were very lucky to have the guitar shredding and rapping robot from Gorillabot feature on our cover of Anomalie's "Le Bleury"

Kabioye - Lekan Babalola

Grammy award winning percussionist Lekan Babalola's track "Kabioye" has been an Afro-beat staple of Heavy Beat's live sets since the early days. So we were very grateful to have Lekan himself come down and lay layers upon layers of percussion on our interpetation of his track 

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